A statement from Elizabeth Austin

Vice President for Policy and Communications, Innovation Illinois

It is the responsibility of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago City Council to work together to enact an FY 2016 budget for the City of Chicago. The voters of Chicago have entrusted their elected leaders with oversight over municipal tax policy, and it is up to them to decide how best to structure any increase in property taxes.

Governor Rauner is overstepping his authority and creating obstacles to the democratic process by threatening to veto the Mayor’s request for a change in the property tax exemption. Instead of supporting property tax relief for Chicago homeowners, the Governor is interfering in the City’s operations by insisting that Mayor Emanuel follow his lead by engaging in union busting as a quid pro quo for the Governor’s signature.

The State of Illinois cannot afford yet another government budget held hostage to Governor Rauner’s continuing attacks on working families in Illinois. The people of the City of Chicago deserve to have their elected officials make decisions on their behalf without interference by a Governor who puts his own extreme views on organized labor ahead of the public good.

Innovation Illinois urges Governor Rauner to withdraw his veto threat and allow passage of any reasonable changes in Illinois law that Mayor Emanuel and the City Council consider necessary to putting the City’s finances back on track.


September 22, 2015